Complete this security checklist to find out if your home may be vulnerable to thieves. This survey can also help you evaluate the security risks of... involved in Neighbourhood Watch. Committed to building a safer community together. Home Security Checklist ✁ Protect your investment Proper security in your... Through Environmental Design (CPTED) concepts, in addition to traditional security measures such as locks and lighting, can increase safety and security for... - February 28, 2017 - pdf

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Protect your investment Proper security in your business can not only protect you from crime or vandalism, it also creates a safe, comfortable environment for your customers and staff. Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) concepts, in addition to traditional security measures such as locks, alarms and safes, can increase safety and security at your business. Thieves and vandals are attracted to easy . - February 28, 2017 - pdf



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Choosing a security guard company is an important part of protecting your property, assets and staff. With so many options, selecting the right company may seem like a daunting task. Take the time to research the right security guard company's in your area. A good resource to talk to others that you know that have a security company for them or used in the pass. Question them about the service they recieved. Ask them if they had to do it all over again, would they hire again, the security company they have now or did have. Also check out online sources such as the BBB, are they accredited or not,have they had any compliants about the security guard company. You would be surprised to find out that some of the largest/smallest security companies offer the poorest quality service. Some will talk a good game but deliver very little, by offering low ball prices, then deliver poor quality service. The good companies are willing to be transparent about their services, their credentials, as they are not ones who degrade other companies. Their integrity, respect and ethic standards to provide a safe and more effective environment to achieving quality services and continuously strive to improve their work. Choosing a security guard company is an imporant part of protecting your property,assets and personnel. With so many options, selecting the right company for your company. Seek advice from friends, other businsses. The easiest way to find a trustworthly security guard company is through a personal referral. Asked them their experiences with the security guard companies, which company they have selected and why. Used consumer resources, such as BBB. Evaluate work history, proof of licenses and insurances, make sure they are current and good standing local and provincal business licence, a current certificate of insurance and the same for their security personnel. You want the best service, choose the right company for all your security needs.

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Boss -                                                                                 Leader-

Demands                                                                            Coaches

Relies on Authority                                                             Relies on Goodwill

Issues Ultimatums                                                              Generates Enthusiasm

Says " I "                                                                              Says " We "

Uses People                                                                       Develops People

Takes Credit                                                                       Gives Credit

Places the Blame                                                               Accepts Blame

Says " Go "                                                                        Says " Let's Go "

My way is the only way                                                     Strength in Unity

As being, it the leader in all us that makes the success of the workplace to grow,  be safe, successful and being the professionals that we are.

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Here are some suggestions to reduce the risk of becoming a victim.

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An employer's response to an act of violence in the workplace is best handled by being prepared before it happens. No employer can predict when or how incidents of violence may occur, so it is best for management to agree upon documented policies and to make employees aware of appropriate responses on a regular basis.

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In our experience, the vast majority of security breaches in condominiums are done in a few simple ways. We have already written on the subject of fob duplication, but would like to address the subject of tail-gating. 

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Rolyn Security Services offers modern security solutions to the good people of Red Deer, Rocky Mountain House, Airdrie, Stettler, Lloydminster, Calgary, Leduc, Edmonton, and surrounding areas. 
We will take care of your residential property, commercial property, special event, alarm response, loss prevention, home watch service, or mobile patrol security needs.