How do i find a quality private security guard service.

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How do I find a quality private security guard company for a reasonable price that will perform responsibly and professionally?

It is important to remember that the private security guard is employed by the contractor and not by you. You employed the security guard company. You can significantly improve your success potential by establishing solid standards as part of the written contract.

When chosing a security company, it is a challenging task in determining whether or not the company is offering the lowest price for your business. Whether or not the company will be selective in chosing the right guards for your property. Matching the right personalities with the right position is critical.

Selecting a security guard company that has a valid, current provincal and municipal licenses is essential. You should be certain that a company is reliable and in good standing and to determine the reputation of the company by investigating any history of compliants reported against it to the Better Business Bureau is a good resource , also  the provincal level Justice Solicitor General Public Security.

All of the following criteria should be met:

*Adequate and current insurance - request a current certificate of insurance, clearnace letter of WCB

* Proposal characteristics - should address specific to your site

* Track record / reputation - search company's history

* Training - minimum qualifications, company provides additional training

* Costs - billing for services hourly? weekly? what are the extras?

* Equipment - what reqiured to use?

* Contract - rights and responsibilities between you and company

* Management - responsive management, " hands-on" owner

* Security guards' qualifications -  current security license, other certificates

* References - verify a contractor's history of relevant experience

Considering the needs and requirements of your association and following the right steps in the process, will reassure that you will recieve the finest security service possible. With the right security contractor, security solutions will be customized and throughly planned, supervised by the company's management and you be able to focus on managing and supervising your proprty's, staff, not the security staff. The right company will implement a preventive security service.

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Boss -                                                                                 Leader-

Demands                                                                            Coaches

Relies on Authority                                                             Relies on Goodwill

Issues Ultimatums                                                              Generates Enthusiasm

Says " I "                                                                              Says " We "

Uses People                                                                       Develops People

Takes Credit                                                                       Gives Credit

Places the Blame                                                               Accepts Blame

Says " Go "                                                                        Says " Let's Go "

My way is the only way                                                     Strength in Unity

As being, it the leader in all us that makes the success of the workplace to grow,  be safe, successful and being the professionals that we are.

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Here are some suggestions to reduce the risk of becoming a victim.

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An employer's response to an act of violence in the workplace is best handled by being prepared before it happens. No employer can predict when or how incidents of violence may occur, so it is best for management to agree upon documented policies and to make employees aware of appropriate responses on a regular basis.

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In our experience, the vast majority of security breaches in condominiums are done in a few simple ways. We have already written on the subject of fob duplication, but would like to address the subject of tail-gating. 

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Rolyn Security Services offers modern security solutions to the good people of Red Deer, Rocky Mountain House, Airdrie, Stettler, Lloydminster, Calgary, Leduc, Edmonton, and surrounding areas. 
We will take care of your residential, commercial, event, alarm, loss prevention, executive protection, or mobile patrol security needs.