Home Watch Service

Mobile Patrol Security Personnel can inspect your home or property whenever you’re away. Physically inspect the exterior of your home and property, check for any signs of damage or attempt entry to your home, and complete interior inspection. When arrived to your property, with our mobile scan system in which is scan every, gives the exact time arrive and exit your property, also can take photos of any damage or unusual items of your property during an inspectionshould discover example: no heat, water leak basement or plumbing, weather damages report in real-time, forward to you in by having all information in real-time.  

We’ll inspect your home or property for any reason: Weekend trip, Long/Holiday weekends, Summer/winter vacation, Long duration (snowbird’s), Construction of new home, House for Sale (vacant), Commercial Property (vacant).

" We are your, year round Home Watch Security Service", while working away, holidays or the winter.

Additional Services:

Emergency Alarm Response, Security Alarm Response, Post Storm Inspection, Vendor Service – Meet Contractor’s, Repairman, Utilities, Deliveries (Access and Lock up),  and if required to stay until task completed, Pets (Exception no dogs), Water Plants.

Contact us for more information, how we can customize a plan for your needs. Your property is inspected by Licensed Security Professionals.

Our Goal is to you our “Client” the peace of mind while you are away from your home / property, in which is most important asset.


Rates start from: Daily (One inspection per day) $35.00 --  Weekly (one inspection per day) $220.00,  mileage fee will apply outside of Red Deer area.

Contact us for more information.

Check your home owner's insurance policy for specific requirments when absent for extended periods. Would recommend notify your insurance broker that you hired a Home Watch Security Service.